Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Fascinating Weekend Away...

Who is the most fascinating person you’ve ever met? Not famous, not cool, but fascinating for the simple fact that you just amazed at how irritating they can be, the way they do things and the way they were brought up. Well this weekend I met mine, actually two of them whom I could not choose between.

I was away for the week/weekend Mcing for a store launch in the brand new Mall of the North in Polokwane, if you ever that side of the world which I doubt you would be, go check it out, it’s actually quite an advanced and stylish mall, bar the fact that they put Vodacom and MTN shops right next to each other.

Nonetheless, I had to go with 4 promotion girls and a chef. This is where the irritating I mean fascinating girls come in. Two of the girls I had worked with beforehand, the other two though I had just met and you know when you meet someone for the first time you try scope them out and base your judgement on something to what you know as social norms and how you were brought up. Well these girls seemed to be from a different planet. The one girl was always complaining about something, the place we were staying (she must’ve grown up in a palace because this place was extraordinary), kept on trying to play DIVA and make everyone run around her. At some stage on the first night I mentioned that we need to all please be up and ready by 6:25 so we can leave by 6:30. About an hour later, she says to me in front of everyone: “Hey Alex, just by the way you not the boss of me don’t tell me what to do and what time I need to be ready, I’m not a child and know what I’m doing and what time we need to be ready”. Needless to say she clearly didn’t, the next morning we ended up waiting for her and were late when we arrived! Well done sparky!

The second girl, ok let me admit, she wasn’t as bad, but had a few interesting issues. To make it short and sweet, this girl was always, and I mean always on the phone. Now to those who know me, I’m quite attached to my phone and never really leave it anywhere, this girl however; well it was as if it was her air and would suffocate and shrivel up if it left her side. We (the rest of the crew and I) came to the realization that this was all a front and she really wasn’t on the phone. You know that awkward moment in the movies when someone is pretending to be on the phone and then it actually rings. HAHA, boom that just happened and I think she tried to make up some excuse that that’s what new phones these days can do, they can actually ring out loud while you on another call. Anyway, she had a kid at a young age and thought she was older and wiser than all of us, she also constantly moaned and made her life out to be so tough(who’s fault is that again?) and just had the work ethic of a rock.

Now you probably reading this and maybe saying to yourself but that doesn’t sound so bad, they don’t sound that fascinating, but I guess it wouldn’t be unless you were brought up in a certain way and the other person was the complete opposite, then they would be fascinating, that’s how these girls were to me J

Also just to quickly mention, I also attended EFC Africa 08 on Thursday night. That was absolutely fantastic, some great fights, well done to Gareth and Costa for winning two amazing fights and making the crowd go wild, I’ll definitely be at EFC Africa 09 on June 30th.

Besides the interesting task of trying to stay calm, it was a great weekend away and Polokwane is a growing town, they have a stadium which was used for the world cup and well kind of obsolete now, and a brand new state of the art mall, which their premier stated as being a good place for jobs and the town/province to show they are growing at a rapid pace.

To conclude, who is the most fascinating person you’ve met and why? Leave your compliments below J

Keep smiling!


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